Memorial Country

It’s Memorial Day in 2017, and I just went through my annual social media feed where everyone is suddenly proud of our flag and thankful for the sacrifice our veterans have made. While the gesture makes me happy, it also baffles me that these are the very same people who are committed to silencing those with which they disagree, and hate every form of military action our country takes. Which leads me to ask, what exactly are they thankful for?

One of the main reasons why Donald Trump won the presidency is because people are sick and tired of being bullied into submission for merely expressing how they feel. The majority of the left feels that any form of speech that’s deemed “hateful” doesn’t fall under the “free speech” category. If a man calls me stupid just because I’m a white woman, of course I’ll be offended, but that doesn’t mean I’ll burn his car or break the windows on his house. He is entitled to his opinion regardless of how it makes me feel, because stick and stones break my bones, but not words, right?

As far as any military action is concerned, of course it’s best when we’re at peace, but sometimes it is necessary. I know it’s easier to stick your head in the sand and pretend terrorism isn’t a real threat, but it’s alive and real, and affects everyone around the world. Because the USA is one of the most powerful (if not THE most powerful) nation in the world, we have to step and and DO something about the threat of ISIS and other looming terrors groups. It’s not islamophobia, and it’s not racism. It’s being realistic that these groups are actually grooming their children to grow up with this ideology and truly believe they need to kill in the name of their beliefs. By the way, God bless Trump for talking directly to Middle Eastern countries regarding terrorism and encouraging those leaders to DRIVE THEM OUT. You don’t have to agree with Trump, but as fellow citizens, we do need to support our commander-in-chief and believe that he has our country’s best interest in mind, which he has exhibited thus far.

This Memorial Day, we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending and protecting our country. What is it they’re defending exactly? Our First Ammendment right to Free Speech, and a reminder to respect and honor our country and those who run it, regardless of our personal thoughts and feelings.