For years, our country has been living under the ideology that cops are bad, whites are racist, we can reverse the direction of the climate, all illegal immigrants are innocent people, islamophobia is unprecedented, and there’s more than one gender. Now I have a question for all of you who support this way of thinking: how do any of these preachings make any sense to a normal human being? Let’s go through each one by one, shall we?

“Cops are bad.” Of course there are a few bad apples, but that’s true of any profession. I bet you won’t be calling them racist pigs when your friend gets shot and needs help catching the criminal, or when you need help shooting down a burglar in your home since you don’t believe in guns.

“Whites are racist.” Again, some may still be, but as a whole, whites are as accepting of blacks as they are with any other nationality. And even if they are racist, so what? Does that mean you can’t go on with your life? Since when do the opinions of others matter so much that you simply can’t do anything anymore because someone’s way of thinking hurt your feelings? Also, it’s such a scam to prey on the feelings of those typically victimized to racism because there’s no factual basis for that statement.

“We can reverse the direction of climate change.” I’m all for recycling and taking care of our planet, but if anyone thinks that more governmental regulation can change the direction of climate is in serious denial. Especially since the politicians they worship all fly jets and live in mansions that require fossil fuels to keep them running, but that’s none of my business.

“All illegal immigrants are innocent people.” I understand that these people want a better life for their families, but I’m sorry, that’s not our problem. We have enough homeless and starving people in our own country, so why welcome more? Would Mexico or Canada ever have sanctuary cities for our poor people? Of course not, so why are we the exception? Obviously the answer is because these liberal politicians want to remain in power, so they figure if they come across as the magnanimous governor who cares about the poor, again, they’re in serious denial.

“Islamophobia is unprecedented.” Again, I know not all Muslims are bad and some are peaceful, but if you take a look at all of the major bombings and murders we’ve had under President Obama, there certainly is precedence that supports the majority of Americans thesis of their discontent with the ideology of Islam.

“There’s more than one gender.” Sorry to burst your bubble, but God created all people with either XX or XY┬áchromasomes, so there’s no blending or fluidity of genders. We’re all born either boys or girls, and that’s that.


Im certainly hoping this is a really bad phase we’re going through. I hope that in ten years we’ll look back on this time and can’t believe how ignorant some Americans were. A lot of it is still rampant since nothing changes over night, but I really wish these people would give our new president a chance. If four years goes by and you’re still not happy with him, then elect a new guy, but threatening his life doesn’t help anybody.

I’m generally happy with the direction of our country since we were smart enough to elect President Trump and slowly come back to where we were, but there has to come a point where we start looking at ourselves and say, “Enough.”

“Ask and You Shall Receive”

Wow. Today was a day where so many good things happened that it caused me to catch my breath for a minute. I received a good coaching from my manager, received two rewards from work, had a customer who wanted to personally speak to my manager to compliment me, and one of my old professors offered me a job. You know who I have to thank? The man upstairs named Jesus.

I always start my day asking God and Jesus to give me strength, and to give me peace and grace when servicing multiple requests throughout the day. When I pray, I envision this picture of Jesus, which is believed to be his actual face (if you would like to know what I mean by that, feel free to message me! It’s a beautiful picture of him, no?) What I’ve been adding to my prayers lately is guidance for my life and for Jesus to show me which path I should take for my career. Being that so many wonderful things happened to me all at once today, maybe he’s trying to tell me something.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive. Just because I had one wonderful day doesn’t necessarily mean I’m meant to stay at my current job forever. However, being that I’m asking for guidance and peace with life, maybe I’m getting the answers I’m hoping for.

Don’t knock prayer, my friends. God and Jesus will listen, and if you ask, you may receive your blessing.